A little bit of Shoreditch in the City!


An open letter of Revolution in the City

Dear Square Mile-based AND fellow Party Patron,

FACT: For far too long you’ve been Overcharged and thoroughly Neglected by the old drinking establishments within Square Mile.

See if any of the BELOW applies to you…?

[ ] You’ve been turfed out at 11pm – when you were happy to stay on and Party till late
[ ] You Dislike waiting ages at the Bar to get served a drink
[ ] You love to Dance…. but there’s nowhere to Really Dance and let your hair down
[ ] There’s NO Cool late night venues – based in the Square Mile
[ ] You like a Cool Alternate Hippster/ Shoreditch-type Vibe
[ ] Drink prices in the City Should be MUCH Cheaper
[ ] You love good Music & you’d like to Dance & Party until 3am (if you want to)
[ ] You want to meet more friendly, positive people
[ ] You’d enjoy that keeps a strict Girl to Guy Ratio 50/50
[ ] Yes – I feel its all been a bit Same Samey with all the boring “Pubs & Corporate Bars” in the City
[ ] I wish there was a Far more of a happening “Shoreditch Vibe” right here in the City

[ ] I wish there was a NEW place to go out …. A place that’s full of awesome friendly people, people that love to dance. A place where drinks are great Value, where I can Dance and that plays cool, funky DJ music and where everyone’s up for a good time and we all party till at least 3am (yes even on school nights)
A place where it’s ok to relax… to be decadent, surrounded by like-minded people. My place. A little bit of Shoreditch in the City.


Why RESERVE is Different

We’ve been in the Night Club & Party game for 20 years. Over that time with our members we’ve built (and sold) a number of Award Winning Successful Brands over that period. Just some include… Notting Hill Arts Club, Supper Club, Lazy Dog, Neighbourhood, Apartment 58, to name but a few. How do we do it?

With us, it’s all about YOU

We create great times for people… By focusing on Solely on YOU. And focusing on making you happy. It’s all about Creating Environments that we know You’ll love. We love to party. We like awesome people. We love building communities around each of our venues. Join ours now.

A 100% Focus on GREAT Times

We focus 100% on good DJs & music, creating amazing environments, inviting great people…. and above all else creating Good Times.
Reserve Bar Stock Exchange is not just another Bar in the city (albeit with a late license ) No it is a Venue that has been created solely with the purpose of Solving all your after work & social / party problems from the ground up.

Fun Times Guaranteed. We’ve attempted to think of everything

As a brief example. This is the way we’ve approached making the Square Mile far more fun for you

First we created a list of problems/improvements…

Drinks are a Rip Off

Great Value Premium Brands /Drinks

There’s nowhere late to Dance

Headline DJ’s & Funky House Vibe

It sucks getting kicked out at 11pm

3am closing and a Late License

The City is Boring

A Themed Show, Friendly HOT Staff, etc

“Waiting” at the Bar sucks

Order drinks via our & delivered to your Table

It hard to meet people

Our send a drink Fearless flirting and dancing

And so on and so on and so on…. (12 pages) then we simply created Reserve Bar Stock exchange as the solution to all these problems.

From the Fun of the theme of the Stock Exchange Bar, where prices of drinks fluctuate based on demand through to the 1930’s Themed parties and being open til late. We have so much going on it’s almost crazy.

Read on to learn more…
Stock Exchange

Dance all Night

Best Music DJ & Dancing

Late License

Cheaper Drinks

App = Faster Service

Themed Parties

Even Numbers 50/50

Great Staff

Stock Exchange Bar

Fun… Fun….FUN Watch the prices of your favourite drinks rise and fall. Buy low read espresso machine reviews here ! Play the markets… And when there’s a gigantic Market Crash – oh my god….

everyone wins!!!!


Dance all Night

A three Storey Mansion block containing the Square Miles only LATE night Dance Venue & DJ bar. Where music & the funky Vibe are paramount

RESERVE is 100% the late night Dance Venue in the Square mile

Come on in…. Loose the tie…. AND Dance all night!

The Best Music DJs & Funky House

The team that brought you resident and guest DJs

Groove Armada, Mark Ronson, Norman Jay’s Goodtimes and Swedish House Mafia’s Axwell

and live performances from

Calvin Harris, Pharrell Williams, TI King and Jay Z Rockefeller Records to name a few so you are in excellent hands . Reserve bar stock exchanges music policy will be all about keeping the party going and getting you on the dance floor.

Late License

11pm Closing Sucks!

At Reserve you can Party for as long as you want too! Dance the night away without getting kicked out at 11pm When the others close, we’re busy Shifting it up a notch in the club downstairs… because we’re the only Bar in the City to have a Late License

Let you Hair down

Our intelligent mix of great Music, friendly staff, fun and Dancing in a Relaxed, Safe place…

Reserve is the perfect environment to unwind ladies and let your hair down after work

Safe, Secure Fun

50/50 Boy/Girl Door Policy

We have a strict Even numbers Boy / Girl Door Policy. Everyone loves good looking, Eye candy. An evenly mixed environment makes for a better vibe.

That’s why we enforce a strict even Boy to Girl numbers policy. The club will always be 50/50 Ratio

It makes for a better party right?

Hot Staff (friendly too)

Hey…. It’s all about the Ladies! That’s why we only

employee HOT male Bar tenders

Come & meet Miguel, Enrique AND Dexter

Cheaper Drinks

There’s no reason to pay through the nose for drinks. Not only will you have your own Booze Cabinet at our Bar. With the Stock Market prices and drink pricing system where the drink prices change based on real-time demand. Think of it as a happy hour where you control the prices of all the drinks.

Table Service & Mixologists

Get your very own Mixologist right at your Table mixing up your favorite Cocktails & drinks.

Plus our App means you can order via your phone then pop up to the bar to collect your drinks.

No more waiting

Themed Parties

With our whole 1930’s Decadent & Stock Market Prohibition Themes expect the Best Themed nights you can imagine! Think Al Capone, Can-Can(?) girls

Your OWN Bar/Night Club

Don’t miss out! Take advantage of our CRAZY LAUNCH OFFER and for the first 100 people. Not only do you double your money – you get the Night Club on your Birthday.

Like what you see?

Why not Take Advantage of our Launch Offer

Our awards

Reserve Bar Stock Exchange

46 Gresham St

EC2V 7AY London

The United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday: noon – 2am (bar stock exchange market opens 4pm)

Friday: noon – aam (bar stock exchange market opens 4pm)

Saturday: private hire and events only available 11am~3am

Sunday: private hire and events only available 11am – 1am